• "I am the school social worker for RBBCSC in Ellettsville, IN and have recently had the opportunity to purchase your book The World Needs Me. I have used it with several students and feel it has been not only beneficial in getting them to express themselves but fun for them as well."

    Carol Berney MSW, LSW

  • "I just want to thank you so much for everything you put into making today’s program so very special and unique for the tutors. It brought me such joy to look around and see a room filled with engaged and smiling people. I just want to let you know you did a
    fabulous job. The World Needs Me is such a wonderful and heart-centered program, and it is so beautifully aligned with my values and wishes for the world!"

    Christine McKenna - Director Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Area 10 Agency on Aging

  • "My sister gave me your book, The World Needs Me, and I JUST LOVE IT!!! You have a fantastic idea, and I love that you are encouraging kids to find their uniqueness. In a world where competition drives them to be uniform and grade-focused way too young, how wonderful that you get them to explore themselves and find what makes them happy. Yea!! Good for you!"

    Rebecca Hoskins - Business Consultant, Photographer, Mother