Hello, my name is Henry. I’m the best dog boy in the world and I also happen to be a professional cat herder. Whew! That’s a full-time job. I love treats and running very fast in the big field. I love relaxing in my very own pool during the summer and in the winter I especially love playing in the snow. My wooly fur keeps me toasty warm. Every night before I go to sleep on my huge blue tuffet, I read my cat brothers a story and then I dream about cool things, sometimes I even run in my sleep. Every morning I wake up happy and ready for a new adventure.

I’m Skeeter. It’s nice to meet you. I’m a wildlife biologist. I spend my days observing everything around me; particularly rodents which are my area of expertise. Some people think I’m sleeping, but I’m not. I love to go out in my backyard and lie in the tall grass and play the cloud game. Did you know that the big puffy ones sometimes look like mousies? I taught my brother, Henry, this game, too.

Hello. My real name is Phinneas. I am a very big cat boy. I am often confused with a mountain lion which is probably because I’m a Colorado native. People think I’m shy, but really I’m nearsighted and I keep misplacing my glasses. Once I recognize you, I am quite a conversationalist. My favorite activities include: purring loudly, looking in the refrigerator and choosing treats, passive solar collection and riding on my friend, Elisabeth’s shoulders. Want to know a secret? I love to eat frozen peas. Delicious!

Perceval Owen
I’m Perceval Owen. I’m a superhero and I was raised by wolves. Alright, one wolf, really. His name is Henry and we’re best friends. We go everywhere together, even on rides in the truck. Henry gets nervous and drools a lot, but I purr and tell him that it’s ok. I’m very brave. I can climb anything and I’m so fast that no one can catch me. Heehee!